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RFID Printing station

Label Programming, Quality Control and Documentation

The RFID Printing Stations offers the functionality to program and print RFID labels and at the same time check the quality of RFID- labels. Besides standard RFID printers, a RFID Printing Station also controls the quality of the printed labels and is also able to document the printing process (which is sometimes required for special use cases or certain branches).

RFID Printing Stations are used wherever a significant number of untagged items needs to be tagged on demand, in distribution centers (not linked to a certain branch or industry) but also to re-tag returns of fashion retailers.

Our RFID Printing Stations offer multiple variations like:

  • Automatic data control
  • Automatic quality check for RFID labels
  • Software to print from the system and/or print from a GUI
  • Integration into a RFID Packing Table (see also: “link”)
  • Single label or batch printing
  • Cutter option
  • Special: RFID label applicator (automatic labelling from items)
  • Remote control and supervision
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Customizable RFID Printing Solutions

RFID Printing Stations can be built up from several hardware components from vendors of choice (up to highest industrial standards) to meet our client needs as best as possible.

Our software solutions allow us to control/supervise the printers, to create an automated, ERP triggered label print as well as a manual input of printing data via a GUI or a barcode scan. Cloud based printing solutions can additionally be supervised and serviced by our specialists.

If you have further questions about active tracking systems? Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

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