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Innovative since 2000

Mieloo & Alexander is a business integrator with roots in process improvement consultancy. Our company was founded in 2000. Initially, we focused on e-commerce integration and IT-driven change projects in supply chain and logistics environments. In 2003, when UHF RFID technology was introduced and EPC Global launched, we embraced this technology as an enabler for correct and timely information through open, standards-based supply chains.

Since then, our company has evolved from a pure-play consultancy firm to a hands-on AutoID integrator. We combine a thorough understanding of business processes and IT systems with deep, extensive technical knowledge of a wide variety of AutoID, RFID, and locating technologies. We have amassed extensive experience in deploying innovative technologies in logistics and manufacturing environments.

A brief impression of our M&A history

Mieloo Alexander

Mieloo & Alexander B.V. is founded as an e-business integrator and SAP consultancy by Joseph Owusu & Sander Merkx. With a vision to streamline business processes and optimize IT infrastructure, the company quickly gained traction in the market.

Mieloo Alexander 2003

As the landscape of technology evolved, M&A encountered RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) and saw its potential for revolutionizing various industries. This sparked the beginning of the company's specialization in RFID technology.

Mieloo Alexander 2006

A groundbreaking achievement was realized with the world's largest active RFID-based RTLS deployment, encompassing the tracking of 45,000 vehicles in the Port of Rotterdam, solidifying M&A's position as an innovator in RFID technology.

Mieloo Alexander 2007

Expanding its RFID expertise, M&A successfully executed the first passive RFID project at Sony Europe Logistics in Tilburg, paving the way for further RFID applications in supply chain management.

Mieloo Alexander 2016 v3

M&A achieved another milestone with the successful implementation of passive RFID/RTLS at Scania Parts DC in Opglabbeek, Belgium, showcasing its expertise in leveraging RFID technology for enhancing operational efficiency.

Mieloo Alexander 2016 v4

M&A launched a mission-critical IoT platform at PostNL, handling 4 million daily events, highlighting expertise in large-scale data systems. Fashion retail saw a breakthrough with overhead RFID implementation at over 50 Suit Supply stores globally, transforming inventory management and customer experience.

Mieloo Alexander 2018

Capital A (formerly ABN-AMRO participations) acquired 51% of shares in Mieloo & Alexander BV, marking a significant milestone in the company's growth trajectory.

Mieloo Alexander 2019

 Recognition with the Global Retail Award for the most innovative customer experience underscored M&A's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine industry standards.

M&A ventured into its first RFID project in manufacturing, partnering with Henkel Schwarzkopf to implement RFID technology, signaling the company's expansion into new sectors. 

Mieloo Alexander 2021

M&A secured automotive projects at Scania Sweden, Fehrer, and Volvo Trucks, further diversifying its portfolio and solidifying its position as a trusted partner in various industries.

Mieloo Alexander 2022

M&A won the Volvo Cars project with its ARC UI software solution, showcasing its continued innovation and ability to deliver tailored solutions to meet client needs. 

Mieloo Alexander 2023

Securing a new large retail account and delivering better products further solidified M&A's position as a leader in the technology solutions space, driving continued growth and success.



We are confident that Jelle's expertise and leadership will usher in a new era of innovation and client-focused solutions 

In light of Mieloo & Alexander's mission to enable supply chain visibility for its customers, we are excited to announce the appointment of Jelle Rijswijk as our new CEO.

Mieloo & Alexander Appoints Jelle Rijswijk as New CEO to Accelerate Business Development of Intelligent Track & Trace Solutions. Jelle Rijswijk, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience gained from key roles at technology giants ThermoFisher Scientific and Vanderlande Industries, steps into the role of CEO. With a proven track record in technology, logistics and consulting, Jelle brings a fresh perspective and innovative spirit to our company.

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