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Our ARC Suite software platform

Dynamic ARC Suite software for the future: your key to flexible automation

To provide insight into inventory and offer comprehensive track & trace solutions, we have developed ARC Suite. Our software platform is designed to empower your business by creating real-time insights into your stock levels and streamlining your logistics operations. With ARC Suite, you gather smart data. You know exactly where your products or inventory are located, how much inventory and products you have, and you can allow employees to make real-time adjustments.


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Understanding your supply chain is more crucial than ever

The ARC Cloud offers centralized inventory insights, whether in a distribution center, store, or transit. This accurate overview reduces costs and improves responsiveness to customer needs. ARC Cloud simplifies your production process with business rules. For example, inventory in the warehouse for over four hours is automatically logged. This ensures real-time efficiency. Stored data in the cloud becomes accessible in detailed reports, enabling you to seize business opportunities and stay competitive.

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The best middleware connector

ARC Base is a middleware solution that connects hardware to existing systems. It collects raw data from devices like barcode readers, RFID readers, sensors, and cameras, transforming it into actionable business events.

ARC Base efficiently integrates data from RFID and AutoID technologies with ERP systems. Incorporate our print solutions, packing tables, and RFID tunnel to seamlessly integrate feedback and provide employees with immediate process insights.


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A application framework for enterprise solutions

ARC UI digitizes manual processes into user-friendly applications, helping your business grow.

  • Advanced features: barcode scanning, GPS integration, customizable forms, image capture, and automated workflows.
  • Highly customizable platform: integrates with ERP, WMS, and MES systems.
  • Versatile: ideal for inventory management, logistics tracking, field service operations, and more.
  • User-friendly: easy for employees to use without extensive training.
  • Real-time data: empowers employees to make quick, accurate decisions and respond faster.
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Optimize stock in your store with RFID

ARC Mobile, part of the ARC Suite, is designed for retail stores with pre-set configurations for fast implementation, improving efficiency and enhancing customer experience.

Key Features:

  • Efficient RFID inventory counting with handheld scanners
  • Streamlined goods receiving process
  • Accurate inventory management with location-based notifications
  • Alerts for unpaid RFID tags leaving the store
  • Quick search for items in the back of the store
  • Real-time stock quantity insights

ARC Mobile can be tailored to your business needs, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.

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