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ARC Returnable Asset Management solution

Keep track of your returnable assets such as crates, carts, pallets, or roll cages effortlessly. With Mieloo & Alexander's ARC Returnable Asset Management solution, you can effectively manage your returnable transport items (RTIs). The product enables you to count products, validate shipments, reduce costs, save time, and drive sustainability. Achieve comprehensive returnables administration in ARC Cloud. We help you streamline your operations with ease and efficiency!

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Your benefits:

  • Increase availability of RTI’s
  • Reduce risks of running out of RTI’s
  • Increase the rotation speed
  • Reduce the number of required RTI’s
  • Reduce financial losses due to the need for rushed purchases of extra RTI’s
  • Reduce total cost of the RTI pool

Unlock Insights into Your Returnable Assets and Prevent Rising RTI Costs

Principles of RFID enabled returnable asset management


  • Improved traceability of individual assets​
  • Asset or asset type level information


  • Effortless registration of in and outbound RTI transfers
  • Create accurate, undisputable data

Audit Trail and Enforcement

  • Follow up alerts and monitor RTI balances
  • Issue sanctions (invoice rent or purchase of RTI’s) if partner do not adhere


  • RTI balance management reports
  • For owner and supply chain partners
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Ready to get in control of your returnable assets?

Our ARC Returnable Asset Management solution is powered by our in-house software components: ARC Cloud and ARC UI ensuring unparalleled reliability and customization.

Features and functionalities:

  • Manage/edit assets
  • Asset search & find (map/pinpoint/Geiger)
  • Inbound/outbound/move registration
  • Inventory reporting per location/zone
  • Reporting on assets including map and asset history reports

Elevate your returnable asset pool

Our team of experts is ready to assist you. Contact us to discover how we can reduce your costs.

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